GRC & Me Podcast: Adapt to Change with Flexible Data Models


Legacy technology’s grasp on GRC processes is slowly loosening. As LogicGate’s Director of Customer Success Szuyin Leow explains, it appears the future is here, thanks to flexible data models.

A former cybersecurity consultant, Szuyin now helps LogicGate’s customers leverage the flexible data model that powers the risk cloud platform the company is recognized for.

Adaptability is key across any industry, and that’s what this model specializes in, even in a climate with many unknowns.

In this episode of GRC & Me with host Megan Phee, Szuyin explains that compared to rigid data models, flexible ones let organizations “slot things in where they're needed” when external changes force a shift within data structures and new requirements must be implemented.

Still, the grass isn’t always greener. Too much design and customization can pose an obstacle for organizations building out their data structures, but Szuyin and her team encourage them to follow LogicGate’s best practices.

Can you guess how flexible data models benefit industries outside of GRC? That’s what the LogicGate Risk Cloud IRL competition will reveal.

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