Controls Mapping is Hot. It's Also Difficult.


Watch this webinar to hear from Gary Elens, Tom Cornelius, and Megan Phee Brown on how controls mapping allows Risk and Compliance officers to find the commonalities in their diverse control sets, standards, and regulatory requirements and handle them with one stroke.

Unfortunately Controls Mapping is harder than it sounds. In this webinar, we’ll take a closer look at what’s driving the interest in this new compliance frontier, and offer some recommendations for getting there yourself. You’ll hear from Tom Cornelius, Senior Partner at Compliance Forge, as well as Gary Elens, Director of Customer Success at LogicGate. Megan Phee Brown, LogicGate’s Head of Strategic Alliances, will serve as our moderator for the session.

Webinar Learning Objectives

  • Discuss an overview of controls and controls mapping
  • Understand the drivers behind the recent interest
  • Understand reasons why it’s harder than it sounds
  • Discuss recommendations for how to adopt controls mapping
  • Discuss cautionary tales and what to watch for


  • Megan Phee Brown, Head of Strategic Alliances, LogicGate


  • Tom Cornelius, Senior Partner, Compliance Forge
  • Gary Elens, Director of Customer Success, LogicGate

Watch the Webinar

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