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LogicGate assists higher education institutions, universities, colleges, and their athletic departments to effectively identify, manage, and implement rules and regulations imposed by governing bodies, such as the NCAA. Our unique technology ensures that the appropriate policies, procedures, and training are in place to enable employees to follow and understand the current rules and that recruiting procedures are being followed.

Recruitment, eligibility, and medical standards for higher education athletics are governed by the NCAA, NJCAA, and NAIA. Member schools of the NCAA agree to follow the association’s vast repository of rules, which covers everything from recruiting calendars to tournament procedures.

Findings of misconduct by the Committee on Infractions can result in serious consequences to university athletic programs and athletic department staff. Rule violations can result in bans on schools from participating in certain sports as well as barring support staff from working with any member school.

LogicGate and Higher Education

Regulatory, Compliance, & Legal Solutions

in Higher Education & Athletics

Regulatory Change Management

LogicGate | Rules and Regulations Compliance Solution

  • Enables universities and their athletic departments to implement a top-class rules & regulations management program.
  • Analyze, test, and execute changes to NCAA rules and regulations and monitor areas of non-compliance. Track and manage impact of rule changes by the NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA or other governing agencies.
  • Find and eliminate gaps in compliance with NCAA rules and eliminate rule violations.
  • Enterprise Risk Management

    LogicGate | Risk Management Software

  • Enables corporations to accurately identify, assess, monitor, and remediate business risks.
  • Automates assessment of inherent and residual risk based on impact and likelihood; supports multi-dimensional risk assessments.
  • Captures risk data, including risk details, documentation, questionnaire information, impact, rating, and emerging issues.
  • Build action and mitigation plans with time bound activities, each assigned to individuals within the company.
  • Incident Management

    LogicGate | Incident Management

  • Captures events and incidents in a centralized platform to help reduce risk and monitor open issues.
  • Customized workflow and event handling rules ensures the right parties are involved to address incidents, violations, or findings. Assign tasks, investigate reported events, and take corrective actions.
  • Detailed reports and dashboards track status of incidents across the university.
  • LogicGate Policy and Procedure Solution

    LogicGate | Policy and Procedure Solution

  • Provides a central repository where university policies and procedures, codes of conduct, and/or employee manuals can be created, approved, revised, published, and communicated.
  • Version controls ensure a fully auditable environment.
  • Create custom workflows to support effective controls for new, updated, or decommissioned policies and procedures.
  • LogicGate FCPA Compliance Management

    LogicGate | FCPA Compliance

  • A global solution for legal, compliance, and accounting to track and analyze gift, hospitality, and contributions across the university.
  • Advanced analytics helps reduce fraud, corruption, and abuse.
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