Technology Risk Management with Logicgate

Your entire Technology Risk Management program, all in one dynamic system. It's time to take your security to the next level.


End Spreadsheet Chaos

Move your information technology risk assessments and processes off of spreadsheets by importing your existing processes, assets, and threats into LogicGate. Build your assessment form in minutes using our drag and drop editor - or use our best practice templates.

Track Mitigations: Create accountability by assigning mitigation activities with due dates to the lines of business. Define custom risk appetites which determine mitigation strategies applied to risks over a particular tolerance level.

Auditable Process: LogicGate centralizes your risk management process and places controls around key activities. Keep an audit record of every interaction - allowing you to track who, when, where, and why a change was made to a risk or related object.


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Map to Control Frameworks

Use LogicGate’s repository of control frameworks to ensure compliance with industry best practice standards.

Standard Control Frameworks: 
Automatic updates of any of these standards or frameworks

  • ISO 27001 Controls
  • ISO 27002 Controls
  • ISO 27018 Controls
  • NIST 800-53 Controls
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • PCI DSS Requirements
  • SOC 2 Trust Services Criteria
  • 23 NYCRR 500 Requirements

Identify and Remediate Control Gaps: Easily identify gaps in controls and send updates through remediation workflows to improve control effectiveness.


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How Can LogicGate Help You?

Gain full control of your information technology risk management program with our agile and configurable rules engine. LogicGate can be tailored to meet the needs of your risk process. Start with our information risk proven process as a baseline- then customize every aspect of the platform to your process.

Workflow: Use LogicGate's powerful workflow to delegate identification tasks and perform linkage from process owners to systems.

Asset Identification: Pinpoint relevant technology assets and classify their underlying data by risk level.

Threat Inventory: Customize your inventory of Threat Actors and Threat Events and configure rules to assess for capability, intent, and targeting.

Custom Assessment Forms: Configurable assessment forms allow you to design the layout and customize the risk information collected at each step.

Configurable Risk Scoring: Set the rules for calculating inherent and residual risk — using any custom fields you've added to LogicGate.

Create Rules to Automate Risk Management: Create custom 'LogicBots' that monitor your process and perform automated actions — notify leadership for risks over scoring thresholds, kick off a remediation workflow, or perform a quarterly audit without human intervention.


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"The best part about LogicGate is the flexibility it provides fast-paced organizations to implement new processes and adapt as the company continues to change and grow ."

- Head of Risk and Compliance, Software Company

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