LogicGate's Policy Management Tool

Use LogicGate's policy management tool to build effective policy management into every part of your organization.


Create Your Own Adaptable Workflows with LogicGate's Policy Management Tool

  • Draw a simple flowchart of your policy management procedures and deploy a controlled, scalable, and repeatable process within minutes.
  • Configure every aspect of your policy management process, from designing the workflow to designating approvers and submitting requests, while keeping everyone in the loop.
  • Build logic around key processes to ensure tasks are routed to the right business units in an efficient, repeatable manner.


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Consolidate Your Policy Management Activities


Consolidate Your Policy Management Activities

  • Gather data and reports dispersed across email and spreadsheets into a single repository where they can be properly accessed, analyzed, and audited in a cohesive program.
  • Identify gaps in your control system that can be closed through quick and easy manipulation of your workflow, without writing any code.
  • Break down organizational barriers with cross-functional collaboration on tasks, processes, assessments, and approvals — with total transparency.


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Automate Business Logic Throughout Your Enterprise

  • Link policies and procedures across your business so the proper communication channels are activated in the event of a policy change or violation.
  • Tap into our libraries of policy statements and control frameworks, or align your existing policy playbook with industry best practices.
  • Create hierarchies that connect controls to risks, business units, regulations, and more — and quickly gain insight into how a change in one area will impact your risk profiles in another.


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Automate Business Logic Throughout Your Enterprise
"The best part about LogicGate is the flexibility it provides fast-paced organizations to implement new processes and adapt as the company continues to change and grow ."

- Head of Risk and Compliance, Software Company

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