Webinar - Turn Risk into Rocket Fuel: LogicGate's Take on GRC's Digital Transformation

September 23, 2020

Date: September 23rd, 2020

Time: 12 PM CDT, 1 PM EDT

Speakers: Jon Siegler, Chief Product Officer at LogicGate; Emily Heath, Chief Trust & Security Officer at DocuSign


Chris Hadfeld, former Commander of the International Space Station, said it best: no astronaut launches to space with their fingers crossed. Similarly, no business executive should lack a proper respect for the asteroid belt of business risks they must navigate their organizations through each day. In a world where these risks continue to multiply and accelerate, GRC managers must adopt a new mindset: from that of reacting to risk to one of proactive risk management. In this webinar, LogicGate Chief Product Officer Jon Siegler will discuss how The Risk Cloud™ can help executives not only make that shift in thinking, but even take it one step further—turning risk into rocket fuel for future growth.