Operational Resilience: The New Paradigm for Risk

As risk leaders were forced to quickly adjust to a massively evolving landscape in 2020, we wanted to find out how their priorities shifted for 2021. In this webinar find out what we learned when we surveyed 190 risk professionals and asked them how they're adapting and what they're prioritizing this year.

June 02, 2021

Date: Wednesday, June 2nd
Time: 12 pm CT / 10 am PST

In this webinar, we’ll dive deep into the survey results. You’ll hear what’s top of mind for risk professionals in today’s complex risk environment—concerns, challenges, and areas of opportunity.

Most organizations recognize that risk management is critical to their business. But are they evaluating how well their programs are working? How can an organization confirm it’s effectively capturing and managing risk?

Risk management programs need to do more than identify risk―they must also be capable of assessing, managing, and monitoring risk. We’ll also dive into the importance of operational resilience, and how a holistic risk management program can help organizations gain confidence in their ability to make well-informed business decisions and adapt as circumstances change.