Fully Customizable Integrated Risk Management Software

Manage complexity, streamline communication, build and deploy applications without developers.

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Fully Customizable Integrated Risk Management Software



  • checkCustomize to make the right decisions for your organization quickly and accurately
  • checkKnow potential risks before you make a decision
  • checkAutomate to ensure decisions are being communicated and executed efficiently across your entire organization


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Risk Management


Risk Management

Identify, analyze, and assess potential risks to your organization

Manage risks from a wide variety of sources: external legal, regulatory, commercial/ financial risks, and information security risks

Monitor risks while your organization grows, adapts, and changes



Identify all the rules, regulations, laws, and internally defined directives that your organization must follow

Continuously monitor rules and regulations to ensure your organization is always in compliance

Flexible workflow model is customized to fit your organization

"The best part about LogicGate is the flexibility it provides fast-paced organizations to implement new processes and adapt as the company continues to change and grow ."

- Head of Risk and Compliance, Software Company

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