Supporting Collaboration Among GRC Professionals

Matt Kunkel | July 15, 2021

There have been countless conversations over the last year about operational resilience being key to organizational success. But there are other, equally important traits that support the growth and innovation of your organization such as risk awareness, continuous learning, trust, and collaboration—to name a few. 

According to The Collaborative Organization: How to Make Employee Networks Really Work, “the key to delivering both operational excellence and innovation is having networks of informal collaboration.” The idea is that through cross-divisional collaboration and deliberate information-sharing come innovative ideas and products which “emerge unexpectedly through informal and unplanned interactions between individuals who see problems from different perspectives.” 

At LogicGate, we want to take this idea and extend its application beyond individual organizations. In the rapidly-changing world of GRC, sharing within a broader community helps both clients and the industry as a whole. 

As Emily Heath, Docusign’s Chief Trust and Security Officer, shared during a fireside chat recently, “The concept of sharing is sorely needed in this [GRC] space. The wonderful thing about the security community is we want to share with each other. It’s who we are, whether our lawyers tell us we can or not, it's what we do. Barring ISACA, I don't know of many crowdsource sharing at all, not in this space.” 

Introducing LogicGate’s Risk Crowd Community

The GRC industry is changing constantly, with new regulations, evolving technology, and increasing responsibility to safeguard organizations and client data. To help foster a culture of sharing, LogicGate is launching a community space where GRC professionals can connect with industry peers in informal ways and as Emily put it, “share with each other”.

Through the Risk Crowd, risk professionals will benefit from sharing insights, ideas, and information, including discussions about GRC best practices, networking with peers, and professional learning opportunities. In addition to sharing how they are utilizing Risk Cloud, users are encouraged to start discussions with others in the ‘Risk Crowd’ about trends and opportunities. Through this collaboration, we can identify and clarify the needs of GRC professionals so together we can develop more targeted solutions and bring continued innovation to the industry. 

Cultivating a Culture of Sharing

The Risk Crowd is just getting started, but members are already looking forward to the opportunity to learn, grow in their careers, and connect with others. 

One Risk Crowd member shared, “I’m excited to keep using the Risk Crowd. I’m always looking to improve my work and career and think it will be really helpful, especially for out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to solving an issue.”

A few others in the Risk Crowd community are hoping to expand their network and create connections with other GRC professionals. As one Risk Crowd member said, “There’s so much to explore, and having it in one place is really great, but the most value will come when we leverage each other. We [Risk Crowd members] all need to contribute and commit to helping each other.”

Another member echoed the same sentiment and said, “I really like the discussion forum as a way to see what other people are doing because I’m interested in learning what we do in comparison to other companies who are using Risk Cloud.”

Interested in learning more about LogicGate’s Risk Crowd community? Check out this video!

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