Automate Your Business Processes or Be Left in the Dust

Matt Kunkel | February 27, 2016

Business process automation technology is transforming the way successful businesses are running their operations. Organizations that implement a central platform to run all of their processes are finding their business runs in a more efficient and effective matter, employees are freed up to focus on core business activities, and government fines are reduced due to regulatory compliance violations.

Here are 9 reasons why your organization should automate its business processes.

Business Automation Infographic

  • Increase Productivity – Automation results in optimized business operations which increases capacity and results in improved cycle times. This increased throughput can result in increased profits.
  • Stay Competitive – Companies are increasingly under pressure to price competitively, reduce costs, and increase profits. To remain on top of these pressures, companies can leverage automation to improve margins.
  • Reduce Errors – Technology that is tailored specifically to your business can help eliminate errors before they occur by putting in place your organization's unique rules, logic, and approval requirements. This helps move your business forward with error-free results, reducing operational risk and enhancing your reputation.
  • Become Agile – An automated workflow platform can enable your business to be nimble by increasing the speed at which work moves from idea to deliverable. The ability to respond to change and alter your process embeds the concept of contusions improvement in your organization.
  • Improve Compliance – By establishing rules for each step in your process, compliance controls can be embedded into the day-to-day work that your employees perform. This ensures that internal directives, regulations, standards, policies, and procedures are appropriately being followed throughout your organization.
  • Eliminate Waste – Easily identify and remove steps in the workflow that are bottlenecks or that are creating inefficiencies. This helps to optimize the effectiveness of repeatable jobs and tasks.
  • Expand Capabilities – Removing human decision points throughout your business can increase capacity, allowing your employees to focus on core business activities and expand the capabilities of the organization.
  • Increase Flexibility – If you are utilizing the correct technology, making changes to the way your business operates can be done in a matter of minutes by altering your organization's process flow. This flexibility is critically important since it enables technology to adapt to your organization, rather than introducing change to your employees.
  • An Auditable Process – Automated systems create an audit trail at each step in the process, ensuring that your process has the transparency and auditability to stand up to internal audits and government agency investigations.

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