Compliance Task Management Application

What is Compliance Task Management?

Businesses use Compliance Task Management to ensure that their policies and procedures are set up correctly and comply with current regulations.

Compliance Task Management in Risk Cloud

Risk Cloud™ is a cloud-based platform with a suite of pre-built Applications that transforms the way you manage GRC processes by combining expert-level content and service with easy, no-code technology.

Risk Cloud’s Compliance Task Management Application streamlines your compliance requirements by centrally tracking and managing the multiple regulations, standards, and industry mandates that apply to your business.

Automate Your Compliance Tasks

Automate Your Compliance Tasks

  • Set up automatic reminders for mandatory and recurring tasks and due date reminders for task owners
  • Capture evidence of task completion for easy reference if and when your organization is audited
  • Monitor task status in pre-built table reports to make sure all tasks are being completed

Manage Regulatory Filing

  • Manage documents that regulate activities, such as SEC and FINRA all in one place
  • Streamline Regulatory Filings recurring tasks, due dates and related details/activities
  • Collaborate with internal compliance teams on Compliance Reviews and see all activities in one place
Manage Regulatory Filing
Take Compliance Action

Take Compliance Action

  • Visualize the process of compliance regulations logs, links to affiliated compliance tasks, and archived compliance areas
  • Define compliance tasks such as task name, owner, description, frequency of recurrence, and recurring task start date
  • Take action by creating and assigning compliance actions to the owner with pre-built workflow and schedules to avoid penalties

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